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Sunflower lecithin, 275g

Sunflower lecithin, 275g

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Sunflower lecithin, 275g

Nutritional supplement containing sunflower lecithin (20% phosphatidylcholine) in powder form.

Lecithin is one of the basic building blocks of cell membranes. It contains linoleic acid, which is involved in fat metabolism and lowers harmful (LDL) cholesterol.


BRAND: Adelle Davis
SHELF LIFE: 12 months
FORM: powder
CONTENTS: 275g / 229 daily doses
MADE IN: Slovakia, EU
INGREDIENTS: sunflower lecithin (20% phosphatidylcholine)
SOURCE OF ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: produced from non-genetically modified sunflower
HOW TO USE: half a teaspoon 1-2 times a day (1200 mg – 2400 mg)
Suitable for vegans: yes
No genetically modified substances: yes
Gluten-free: yes

Lecithin is the body’s substance produced by our liver. It is one of the basic building blocks of cell membranes1 of all living organisms. Among other elements, it contains linoleic acid, which helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Lecithin is found in high concentrations in essential tissues, such as human brain tissue, liver, heart, muscle or nerve fibers.

Lecithin acts in the processing of fats. It converts into a water-soluble form and thus allows excretion from the body. It effectively lowers the level of harmful LDL cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol level, beneficial to our body. It protects the heart and blood vessels from heart attack and atherosclerosis2. By lowering the cholesterol level in the blood vessels, blood flow to the brain is improved and the functions of the nervous system are strengthened. The ability to concentrate and think increases, learning processes become more efficient and mental energy and sharp mind persists.

“The primary function of lecithin is to help cells burn fat. Therefore, the lack of nutrients that promote lecithin production causes under-utilization of fats, leading to coronary heart disease3, high blood pressure and obesity. “

(Adelle Davis, What you miss to be fit, Eco – konsult, 2013)

[1] cell membrane: a flexible thin, semi-permeable layer separating cells. Allows releasing what the cell needs.

[2] atherosclerosis: a disease of the arteries where fat and other plaques, including cholesterol, are deposited on their inner walls, causing insufficient blood flow and thus insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the organ in question. This disease is also called hardening of the arteries.

[3] coronary heart disease: diseases of the blood vessels that supply the heart muscle.


  • necessary for the formation of cell membranes
  • helps keep cholesterol low
  • necessary for fat burning, i.e., its conversion into energy
  • supports the liver
  • thanks to its ability to clean blood vessels, it helps fight high blood pressure
  • contributes to the prevention of strokes
  • contributes to the ability to concentrate, think and learn


Amount of active substances in the recommended daily dose %RVH*
Sunflower lecithin 1200 mg
of which phosphatidylcholine 240 mg

* daily reference nutritional value of the average adult


Take half a teaspoon (1200mg) 1-2 times a day with food and drink a glass of water. The powder can be added to yogurts, soups and baking dough. Recommended dosage into the bread dough – 2-3g of lecithin per 1kg of mixture.


The product must be stored in a dry, dark and cool place. After opening, the package must always be closed thoroughly.


Not suitable for children under 3 years. Keep out of reach of small children. The prescribed daily dose must not be exceeded. The nutritional supplement must not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


This product does not contain soy derivatives or any other significant allergens: milk, eggs, fish, oysters, nuts, grains and peanuts. It does not contain gluten.

Disclaimer: Adelle Davis s.r.o., its employees or collaborators do not represent any of the above information as nor are they instructions for or recommending treatment for any mental or physical conditions. It is up to each consumer to decide whether to use this product and, if necessary, to consult a doctor or pharmacist about its use.

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