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Beauty collagen

Beauty collagen

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Beauty collagen

Beauty collagen from Adelle Davis with anti-aging active ingredients and a mild lemon taste. It contains a high daily dose of clinically tested bioactive collagen – 5000 mg, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and zinc.

Discover the power of marine collagen type I and III with a high content of three basic building blocks of the skin – glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.


DESCRIPTION : Adelle Davis
SHELF LIFE : 24 months
FORM : powder
CONTENT : 190g / 30 daily doses
MADE IN : Slovakia
INGREDIENTS : Hydrolyzed fish collagen, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), zinc gluconate, natural aroma: lemon, sweetener: steviol glycosides, sodium hyaluronan, natural dye: beta-carotene
HOW TO USE : Adults: 6.3g = 1 full measuring cup (included) daily
Suitable for vegans : no
No genetically modified substances : yes
Gluten-free : yes
Lactose-free : yes

Proteins are the basic building blocks of the human body. About a quarter of the body’s protein is collagen; therefore, it is essential. Besides, as we age, we produce less collagen than we consume. Especially in post-menopausal women, collagen loss of up to 30% can occur. For these reasons, it is necessary to supply collagen in this form.

In Beauty collagen from Adelle Davis, we use hydrolyzed collagen peptides[1] – the highest quality form of collagen from France. (Unlike collagen, hydrolyzed collagen is divided into smaller parts and is easily soluble in water.) Humans best use collagen peptides from marine collagen for hair, nails and skin. We are talking about bioactive hydrolyzed marine collagen. Quality is crucial for us, but the quantities of active ingredients are also significant, so we mixed up to 150,000 mg of collagen into Beauty Collagen by Adelle Davis, the effects of which are based on a clinical study[2].

Anti-aging formula – We have increased the daily dose of hyaluronic acid, suitable for skin hydration. And since the human body cannot process collagen without enough vitamin C, we have mixed up to 1,000 mg of this vitamin into one daily dose.

[1] peptide: a compound of several amino acids (amino acids are the primary compounds creating proteins and these are the basic building blocks of the body).

[2] clinical study: a series of thorough tests on a sufficient sample, carefully observing, recording and evaluating the results or effects of the test substance – for example, a drug, a nutritional supplement and the like.


  • helps maintain healthy bones and joints
  • helps maintain healthy and firm nails
  • helps maintain healthy hair and skin
  • slows down aging
  • helps in tissue regeneration
  • supports and strengthens the body’s immune (defense) system
  • helps in many processes in the body


The active substances in the recommended daily dose
Bioactive collagen peptides from fish 5000 mg
Hyaluronic acid 80 mg
Vitamins and minerals in one dose % RVH*
Vitamin C 1000 mg 1250%
Zinc 10 mg 100%

*daily reference nutritional value of the average adult


Pour 1 scoop of 10 ml of Beauty Collagenin a 200 ml cup into the 200 ml cup, pour in cold water and stir well. After completely dissolved, drink.


Store in a dry, dark and cool place. Keep the package closed after opening.


Not suitable for children under 3 years. Keep out of reach of small children. The prescribed daily dose must not be exceeded. The nutritional supplement must not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Not suitable for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.


The product contains fish collagen. This product does not contain soy derivatives or any other significant allergens: milk, eggs, oysters, nuts, grains and peanuts. It does not contain gluten.

Disclaimer: Adelle Davis s.r.o., its employees or collaborators do not represent any of the above information as nor are they instructions for or recommending treatment for any mental or physical conditions. It is up to each consumer to decide whether to use this product and, if necessary, to consult a doctor or pharmacist about its use.


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